Watch the video and feel the adrenaline! Hugo Hero Bob Hardy raced his walker at the Lachine Half Marathon in Quebec where he hoped to set his personal best time of 21 kilometers in two hours and 30 minutes. We are bursting with pride over him and his accomplishments! We are sharing Robert Hardy’s post-marathon update.

My first official half marathon (21km) speed walking race with my walker.
24th, August 2014

Visit www.demimarathonlachine for the stats
My bib # 469
Robert Hardy who resides in Canada

Lots of thanks to Hugo Mobility, Amanda. Mike and the gang and the the folks at Lachine/Bonneville Half Marathon for helping me achieve a milestone in my life.
From three months in a hospital bed to learning to walk (with a walker) and learning to speed walk (with a walker) and competing and completing my first official half marathon.
My walker is not a gimmick. I need it. Post leukemia and strokes.

I can still compete in a real sport with my walker
I walk fast because I learned to “Speed Walk”.
Just like my bike racing days, prior to the strokes, I can get excited about competing and winning and losing. An almost 64 year old kid who never grew up.