Hugo Sidekick rollator `just right` for Evelyn Ikeman

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Evelyn Ikeman attracts a lot of attention with her newest rollator, the compact Hugo Sidekick, as she heads out for lunch at the mall with her son Harvey and daughter-in-law Margaret...

Bob Hardy goes the distance with a walker at Alzheimer Society Walk for Memories

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Here is Bob Hardy at the Alzheimer Society Walk for Memories in Cornwall, doing what he does best, inspiring us to keep going. This is Bob’s most recent walkerthon attempting to complete a course of 21 KM in 2 hours and 30 minutes with a walker. Just shy of his

Bob Hardy aims for 21 KM in 2.5 hours with a walker at Alzheimer Society Walk for Memories

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Watch a clip from last year’s Walkerthon in support of the Alzheimer Society Walk for Memories. The Hugo Mobility team will be back for 2015 capturing Bob Hardy being heroic at the Civic Complex in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada on Sunday, January 18 2015.

Bob will attempt to complete 21 KM

Walkerthon training update from Bob Hardy

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Hugo Hero Bob Hardy finishes Lachine Half Marathon racing his walker


As most of you know I race half marathons (21km) with my HUGO walker. A most unusual sport. For me it is a compensatory benignity since my

Speed Walking Video of Real Life Hero Bob Hardy

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Watch the video and feel the adrenaline! Hugo Hero Bob Hardy raced his walker at the Lachine Half Marathon in Quebec where he hoped to set his personal best time of 21 kilometers in two hours and 30 minutes.

Meet a Real Life Hero!

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Leukemia survivor and bonafide hero Bob Hardy is dedicated to cancer prevention. After a permanent balance condition forced him to retire his Cervelo Soloist, Bob turned his rollator into a "fundraising vehicle" and adapted his annual Terry Fox Ride into a rollator marathon that fit the needs of people who walk with assistance.

Read Customer Reviews!

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Sidekick just right for Mom

Anna is 86 years old and living independently on the 10th floor of a high-rise. She’s suffered with debilitating osteoarthritis for 10 years. Her balance is poor due to inflammation in the knees and ankles. Her angina causes her to be easily fatigued and winded. With