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Hugo Sidekick rollator `just right` for Evelyn Ikeman

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Evelyn Ikeman attracts a lot of attention with her newest rollator, the compact Hugo Sidekick, as she heads out for lunch at the mall with her son Harvey and daughter-in-law Margaret...

Meet a Real Life Hero!

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Leukemia survivor and bonafide hero Bob Hardy is dedicated to cancer prevention. After a permanent balance condition forced him to retire his Cervelo Soloist, Bob turned his rollator into a "fundraising vehicle" and adapted his annual Terry Fox Ride into a rollator marathon that fit the needs of people who walk with assistance.

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Sidekick just right for Mom

Anna is 86 years old and living independently on the 10th floor of a high-rise. She’s suffered with debilitating osteoarthritis for 10 years. Her balance is poor due to inflammation in the knees and ankles. Her angina causes her to be easily fatigued and winded. With