Hugo Sidekick rollator ‘just right’ for Evelyn Ikeman

Evelyn Ikeman attracts a lot of attention with her newest rollator, the compact Hugo Sidekick, as she heads out for lunch at the mall with her son Harvey and daughter-in-law Margaret. The Sidekick has a built in seat that helps Evelyn deal with fatigue that she experiences while walking. Instead of worrying about where to rest when her feet are sore, she feels confident that she can go anywhere because she can take a rest wherever she goes.

What`s more, Evelyn likes its sporty look, and the fact that it isn`t too large to be cumbersome to push, nor too small for the design to include a seat and storage and feel sturdy. Her friends all seem to agree that the Hugo Sidekick is the right kind of walker. Meanwhile, Evelyn`s son Harvey has an easy time getting this rollator into the trunk of the car on their way out of the residence.